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New Patient Reviews for Glengormley Chiropractic

  • Great examination and techniques used were all explained fully and any nerves put at ease. Very professional and wish I done it sooner.
    - Andy T.
  • Really pleased with the overall experience. Finally, someone who listens and actually wants to help after eight years of trying to get help for sore back and headaches.
    - Colin G.
  • Perry was the nicest health professional I’ve been to. I felt like I was listened to the whole time and anything I had been suffering from was looked at and explanations and treatment provided. It will be a long road to recovery ahead but I know I’m in safe hands.
    - Natasha J.
  • I was nervous on the first visit as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but Perry and staff took me through it explaining each stage. This give me confidence to go ahead with the prescribed treatment which I have to say was very successful. Many thanks.
    - June M.
  • I felt very comfortable and had no hesitation in continuing my care here. Thank you
    - Sharon B.
  • I am so thankful for Dr Perry and his team. It has been a wonderful experience and I am already experiencing the benefits after just a few adjustments, it’s amazing!!! Dr Perry is highly experienced, professional and friendly. I highly recommend Glengormley Chiropractic.
    - Yasmin R.
  • Perry is such a lovely man, he has helped me so much so far and I’ve only had a few adjustments. I can’t wait to be back to normal with my neck and back.
    - Zoe S.
  • I am looking forward to starting my journey to recovery, extremely hopeful.
    - Daphne M.

I Have Full Confidence

I have had crippling lumbar spasms for around 5 years to the point where I couldn't walk for more than a minute or two. Dr Davis took upright X-rays (only ever had lain down X-rays) and I was shocked to see the shape of my spine. After just 2 visits my hip & knee pain have completely disappeared and I can walk for a little longer. The spasms are not as intense but I have a way to go with adjustments before they disappear which I'm now confident will happen. The practice is lovely and the staff is all very efficient too. I thought I was never going to work on my feet again or walk my dog so I'm delighted to have met Dr Perry Davis who I have full confidence in. Each visit brings results.

Natasha C.

I Know I Will be in Good Hands

As soon I walked in I was made to feel so welcome. I was so nervous about my first visit. Perry and Katie put my mind at ease. It's going to be a long process but with the help of Perry, I know I will be in good hands. Thank you so much.

Lynn P.


The team is extremely welcoming. I felt heard and looked after everything was explained and at no point did I feel patronised or silly for asking questions. I've now recommended my family and look forward to my recovery.

Joe C.

A Very Positive Experience

Friendly staff, very informative practitioner, and a set plan on how to treat the pain, then the underlying cause of said pain. All in all, I've had a very positive experience and I understand why I was recommended to come here myself!

Aaron D.

Finally Getting Off of the Painkillers

Absolutely delighted to be getting sorted by Dr Perry Davis, and back to doing what I do best: competing, and feeling 49 years old and not 94! Very pleasant, helpful staff, which has a massive, effect, on the professional, kind, helpful, welcoming, homey atmosphere I felt on my first appointment, look forward to my appointments and finally feeling as well as seeing the improvements and getting off the painkillers that I was having to take just to get about on a daily basis. I'm already down 4 painkillers per day and that's after Dr Perry worked on me after 1 appointment. Absolutely delighted and look forward to all my appointments.

Lorraine P.

I'm in Good Hands

I love the philosophy of Chiropractic to optimise the body's natural healing energies. All your staff are committed to this goal and my visit assured me that I already have everything I need to heal. Thank you for such a positive experience; I'm in good hands.

Paul C.

Perry & Team always friendly & helpful

My husband & I have been clients for years now & would not think of going anywhere else! Would highly recommend this practice.

Linda P.

I know I'm in safe hands

Perry was the nicest health professional I've been to. I felt like I was listened to the whole time and anything I had been suffering from was looked at and explanations and treatment provided. It will be a long road to recovery ahead but I know I'm in safe hands.

Natasha J.

Thank you!

Even though it is only my first treatment out of many I can still feel the benefits already I feel a lot more limber than i did before! If this is how I feel after one session I cant wait to see what its like after a full course of treatment

Kyle B.

The Most Welcoming Place

Dr Perry Davis is a man with a set of magic hands! At first I was very nervous and was brought to ease straight away with the staff and Dr Davis himself. The most welcoming place I have walked into and the confidence I now have to continue my treatments without being nervous is amazing and I know with the continued treatment of Dr Davis will for a matter of fact help me with a lot of my issues.

Kellie R.

Very Professional Assessment

I received a very professional assessment and a follow-up session where everything was analysed and explained to me in great detail. It was a very worthwhile Q&A experience for me. I look forward to January when I will commence my treatment sessions.

Irene B.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the examinations, pictures, scans and x-rays. The report was very detailed and extremely useful and Perry's explanation of the problem and treatments was very clear.

Dennis T.

Highly Recommended

I had a bike accident 3 years ago, had whiplash which disappeared but was followed by constant neck pain. I then developed golfers and tennis elbows and had been getting cortisone injections from my GP, but after years of just pain relief and not treating the cause, my GP suggested it may be coming from my neck and I should try a chiropractor. I was in a lot of pain so was willing to try anything and saw an ad for Glengormley Chiropractor and after reading reviews decided to give it a go. The consultation was very informative and reassuring. My first neck adjustment was unreal. Prior to it I was in a lot of pain, but after I felt unbelievably loose and pain free. I never realised how much pain I was actually in until I couldn't feel it. Elbow adjustments were also great pain relievers. I constantly clenched my jaw, but after my first alignment I noticed my jaw wasn't tensed or my teeth clenched, also I no longer had a tension headache. 4 sessions in and I'm nearly fully mended and feel brand new. If I'd known this was the cure 3 years ago, I would've saved myself a lot of pain and wasted years of inactivity. I would highly recommend you give it a try if you're suffering pain.

Mark R.